The Customer and Field Complaints module is used to record and track problem reports from the field and from customers. Document complaint descriptions, investigation status, investigation results, follow-up activities and approvals.

Complaint reports help you satisfy international quality specification requirements to document reports of adverse product performance.

In addition, complaint reports can be one source of information for assessing customer satisfaction and reporting field and customer issues to management.

  • Process Corrective Actions – designed to capture corrective/preventive information related to products, parts or processes. They are intended for the tracking of internal product failures.
  • Vendor Corrective Actions – designed to capture corrective/preventive information related to vendor supplied component parts, sub-assemblies, or services. They are intended for the tracking of supplier-related failures and can be a tool for communication with your supplier.
  • Audit Corrective Actions – designed to document corrective/preventive information related to audits conducted internally, by customers or by third parties (i.e. ISO compliance audit findings). They are intended to document and manage audit findings.

Integrated Information Management

  • Link complaints to corrective actions.
  • Link complaints to nonconformances
  • Measure customer satisfaction based on real data.
  • Use the DASHBOARD VIEW to access and respond to all open action items with just the click of a mouse.

Focus Your Improvement Efforts

  • Use the QCBD Report screen to build custom queries of the your compliant data. Slice and dice the data in ways that are meaningful to you.
  • Build trend performance graphs (run charts) and Pareto analysis charts to drive and give focus to continuous improvement efforts.
  • Analyze complaints broken down by category, frequency and type.
  • All reports can be sent as email attachments and all data can be exported to Excel®.
  • When it’s time for management review (or during an audit), report your complaints with the click of a mouse.

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