Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Software

The Equipment Management module maintains a master list of equipment for calibration and preventive maintenance.

With this module you can document basic equipment information along with detailed calibration and/or preventive maintenance instructions.

The Equipment Management module can help you satisfy international quality specification requirements for process control (preventive maintenance) and control of inspection and test equipment (calibration).

Designed specifically to meet all the requirements of a fully functional calibration system as described by quality standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, TS 16949 and SQF 2000 / ISO 22000.

QCBD can manage all your equipment

The Equipment Management module supports the management of all types of equipment including:

  • Inspection Devices
  • Test Devices
  • Tooling
  • Machinery
  • Facilities
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Create a master list (database) of all equipment (asset list)
  • Identify the individual maintenance and calibration needs of each piece of equipment
  • Create instructions (work instructions) for each type of maintenance or calibration activity
  • Collect and record data directly in QCBD
  • Track equipment downtime
  • Track preventive maintenance labor
  • Record both routine (preventive) maintenance and non-routine maintenance (for example, repairs) performed
  • Record when calibration is performed
  • Identify spare parts (component parts) (optional). You have the option of activating a spare parts inventory system.
  • Run reports which list maintenance and calibration performed and as well as maintenance and calibration due
  • Run reports to manage spare parts inventory levels

Plan Ahead    Reduce Equipment Downtime   Communicate Better

  • WORK ORDERS – All calibration and preventative maintenance tasks are driven by work orders.
  • DATA COLLECTION – All calibration and PM data can be entered and stored in QCBD.
  • CALIBRATION DUE – With the click of a mouse, you can see all equipment with calibration overdue or calibration that will become due.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE DUE – With the click of a mouse, you can see all equipment with PM overdue or PM that will become due.
  • POWERFUL REPORTING CAPABILITY – View all your calibration and PM history easily and quickly.
  • FILE ATTACHMENTS – Attach digital photos, scanned and files (email, Word files, spreadsheets). Use photos to correctly identify equipment. Use photos to augment maintenance and calibration instructions. Show close up details and instructions on proper maintenance, calibration and repair methods. Add schematics and blue prints to augment maintenance and calibration instructions.
  • LOCATE EQUIPMENT QUICKLY – Easily locate and track the preventive maintenance and calibration status of all equipment. Quick search features allow you to find all equipment with tasks overdue or soon to become due.
  • IDENTIFY REPLACEMENT PARTS – Create a list of all the replacement parts used for maintenance tasks. Identify replacement part vendors and catalog numbers.
  • MANAGE SPARE PARTS INVENTORY – Create an inventory system for spare parts. Use reorder points so you never run out of spare parts. Set economic order quantities so you don’t overstock or under order.

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